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Pasta Guide


A tubular pasta with the ends cut on a diagonal. This pasta is available smooth or with ridges and is ideal with chunky and heavy sauces, in pasta bakes or in pasta salads.
  Pasta shapes 1 - Penne


Pasta shapes 2 - Conchiglie Conchiglie

Shaped like seashells, this pasta is available in small or large sizes and is perfect with heavy and chunky sauces.



This long thin pasta is one of the most popular varieties of pasta and is ideal served with any type of sauce.
  Pasta shapes 3 - Spaghetti


Pasta shapes 4 - Cannelloni Cannelloni

These large tubes are typically stuffed with a meat, tomato and vegetable filling and baked. Can also be stuffed with cheese like ricotta.



This bow-tie shaped pasta is good with chunky sauces and in pasta bakes. It also goes well in pasta salads.
  Pasta shapes 5 - Farfalle


Pasta shapes 6 - Rigatoni Rigatoni

This tube-shaped pasta with ridges will cling to any sauce from smooth to chunky and can also be used in bakes.



A corkscrew-shaped pasta that clings well to heavier and chunkier sauces. It also goes well in soups such as minestrone.
  Pasta shapes 7 - Fusilli


Pasta shapes 8 - Lasagna Lasagna

Sheets of flat pasta named after the Latin word for pot "lasanum." Typically layered with vegetables, meat (or seafood) and sauce and baked.



This pasta is shaped like long thin ribbons and is ideal served with heavy sauces. It can also be broken into pieces and added to soups.
  Pasta shapes 9 - Fettuccine


Pasta shapes 10 - Risoni Risoni

This rice-shaped pasta is ideal in soups and adds body to stews. It can also be used as a replacement for rice in various dishes such as risotto.



A versatile pasta shape which can be served with any style of sauce or used in bakes and pasta salads.
  Pasta shapes 11 - Macaroni


Pasta shapes 12 - Bavette Bavette

Long, flat and similar to fettuccine, but not as wide. Can be served with smooth or heavy sauces.