Showcasing the Mediterranean diet and Asian diet  


Curries, stews and bakes

  Thai Red Chicken Curry. Melt-in-the-mouth morsels of chicken breast and assorted vegetables cooked in a spicy Thai red curry sauce and served with fluffy Jasmine rice.

  Sicilian Fish Stew. A rustic Sicilian-style tomato and herb stew with succulent morsels of fish. Serve with some crusty bread to mop up the juices, or spooned over rice or couscous.

  Roasted Ratatouille. Zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes and onion coated in a Provençal herb and olive oil dressing and roasted until sweet and tender.

  Chicken Cacciatore. Chicken breast coated with a rich sauce made with tomatoes, anchovies, olives and wine, and seasoned with oregano and balsamic vinegar.

  Greek-Style Lentil and Eggplant Bake. A delicious and comforting layered casserole dish with herb-infused lentil and tomato sauce, slices of grilled eggplant, and cheesy béchamel sauce.

  Thai Fish Curry. A fragrant, richly-flavored fish curry with green beans and red pepper and served with Jasmine rice.

  South Indian Shrimp Curry. Tender shrimp gently poached in an a flavorsome gravy infused with an aromatic blend of spices, fresh cilantro and lemon juice served over Basmati rice.

  Cretan Bean and Spinach Stew. A combination of lima beans, spinach, zucchini and peppers in a rich tomato sauce served over bulgur.

  Thai Green Curry with Shrimp and Tofu.
A rich and spicy Thai green curry with shrimp, cubed tofu and a selection of vegetables including green beans, broccoli and green pepper served with fragrant Jasmine rice.

  Greek Fava Bean, Eggplant and Olive Stew with Feta. A richly-flavored Greek stew with fava beans, eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, potatoes and kalamata olives, served with crumbled feta cheese.

  Italian Tuna Stew with Polenta. A rustic Italian tuna and tomato stew served over a bed of soft polenta (Italian cornmeal).

  Indonesian Fish Curry. A delicately spiced Indonesian fish curry with fresh tomato and zucchini, served with rice.

  Moroccan Chicken and Olive Tagine with Almond Couscous. Tasty chicken and olive tagine, served over a bed of almond-studded couscous.

  Lentil, Pea and Potato Curry. Lentils, peas and bite-size cubes of potato in a richly-spiced tomato and coconut milk gravy. Served with basmati rice.

  Provençal Fish with Vegetables. This delicate fish dish, flavored with herbs, chopped black olives, extra virgin olive oil and white wine encapsulates the flavors of Provence.

  Miso-Glazed Salmon with Soy-Lemon Spinach. Oven-roasted salmon coated in a savory-sweet miso and ginger marinade, served with spinach tossed with a lemon, soy and sesame dressing.

  Fast-Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables. A colorful selection of Mediterranean vegetables are fast roasted until they're tender and sweet with just a hint of smokiness.

  Vietnamese Baked Fish. Tender fillets of fish combined with chopped tomatoes, fresh mint and Vietnamese-style seasonings then baked in foil to infuse the flavors.

  Aloo Gobi. A simple and satisfying dry curry that combines potato and cauliflower with onions, garlic, ginger and fragrant spices.

  Moroccan Couscous Stuffed Peppers. Roasted whole red peppers stuffed with a Moroccan-spiced couscous studded with raisins and toasted almonds.

  Mediterranean Stew . With a few simple variations this tasty dish can be turned into a rustic Spanish tuna stew, a hearty Greek stew with shrimp, an exotic Moroccan fish stew, a rich French Provencal chicken stew, and a flavorsome Italian white bean pasta.

  Cashew Nut Korma with Shrimp. A rich and creamy Indian korma that combines ground and whole cashew nuts with succulent shrimp. This dish works equally well with chicken, fish, scallops, or chickpeas.

  Spanish Tuna and Vegetable Stew. A robust Spanish stew with tuna and a selection of colorful vegetables served over a bed of rice.

  Greek Shrimp with Feta. Fresh shrimp (prawns) cooked in a flavorsome tomato and herb sauce, topped with crumbled feta cheese and served with long-grain rice.

  Dhal with Carrot and Cauliflower. A traditional Indian dhal (lentil curry) with carrots and cauliflower, served on a bed of basmati rice.