Curries & Stews
Moroccan chicken and olive stew with couscous
A delicately-spiced Moroccan stew with chicken, green peppers and plump black olives, served over a bed of fluffy couscous.
Simple salmon curry
A quick, easy and delicious curry made with omega-3-rich canned salmon, tomatoes and coconut milk, and a combination of fragrant Indian spices.
Sicilian fish stew
A flavorful Sicilian-style tomato and herb stew with succulent morsels of fish.
Thai green fish curry
Pieces of fish cooked to melting tenderness with a selection of green vegetables in a spicy coconut sauce accented with fresh lime and aromatic cilantro.
Spanish braised chickpeas with tuna and olives
A rustic and flavorful Spanish dish of chickpeas cooked in a smoky tomato sauce, with canned tuna, and stuffed olives.
Cashew nut korma with shrimp
A rich and creamy Indian korma that combines ground and whole cashew nuts with succulent shrimp.
Greek tuna and vegetable stew
A richly-flavored Greek stew with bite-size pieces of tuna, red pepper, zucchini and Kalamata olives.
Lentil, pea and potato curry
Lentils, peas and bite-size cubes of potato in a richly-spiced tomato and coconut milk gravy.
Spanish fish stew
A delicious and comforting fish stew with classic Spanish flavors that's surprisingly easy to make. Serve with crusty bread or rice on the side.
Thai Massaman curry with shrimp
A mild, creamy and uniquely fragrant curry that combines Thai flavors with culinary influences from India and the Malay archipelago.
Thai red chicken curry
A traditional Thai red curry made with a subtle blend of hot, salty, sweet and sour flavors to get the taste buds tingling.
Tuscan lentil ragu with cheesy polenta
A rustic, tomatoey Tuscan rugu with delicate brown lentils, zucchini and carrots served with cheesy soft polenta.
Fragrant shrimp and chickpea curry
Plump, juicy shrimp combine wonderfully with the nutty flavor and creamy texture of chickpeas in this comforting and fragrant Indian curry.