Thai peanut noodle salad

Thai peanut noodle salad

Without the slightest bit of exaggeration, this would have to be one of the tastiest Asian salads we've ever eaten. The crunchiness of the cabbage, bean sprouts, peanuts, yellow pepper and carrots combined with the soft slippery rice noodles and the creamy peanut lime dressing is heavenly.

We served it as a side salad with Thai fish cakes (here's the recipe for those), but it would most certainly work well served with grilled or pan-fried fish, seafood or chicken. Next time we have it (which will be soon!) we're planning on having it with Thai-spiced baked salmon.

You can also add some pre-cooked shrimp or cold shredded chicken to the actual salad itself to turn it into a complete balanced meal in its own right. (Makes a great portable lunch.)

Whatever you do, we highly recommend you give this colorful, delicious and highly nutritious salad a try!

Thai peanut noodle salad
Serves 4
A selection of crunchy and colorful vegetables combined with soft rice noodles and tossed with a creamy peanut lime dressing.
4 oz (115g) dried rice stick noodles
1½ cups finely shredded red cabbage
1½ cups bean sprouts
1 scallion — thinly sliced
1 carrot — grated
½ yellow or red pepper — cut into thin strips
A handful of cilantro (fresh coriander) leaves
⅓ cup roasted peanuts — lightly crushed
¼ cup natural peanut butter
¼ cup coconut milk
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon fish sauce
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 clove garlic — minced
½ teaspoon dried chili flakes
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 fresh red chili — thinly sliced
SOAK the rice stick noodles in boiling water for 10 minutes. WHILE the noodles soak, add the peanut butter to a small bowl and mix with two tablespoons of boiling water. ADD the coconut milk, soy sauce, fish sauce, brown sugar, garlic, chili flakes and lime juice, and mix thoroughly to combine. RINSE the noodles under cold water and drain thoroughly. ADD the noodles, cabbage, bean sprouts, scallion, carrot, yellow pepper, cilantro and peanuts to a large bowl. POUR over the peanut dressing and toss to combine. GARNISH with the sliced red chili and a few cilantro leaves.